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Your products are wonderful. I purchased a bar of apricot soap when you were at the Dutchess County Fair in N.Y. and was amazed at the subtle fragrance and wonderful feel of my skin after showering, not to mention how long the soap lasts without becoming soft or gooey. I have since purchased other soaps for myself as well as for gifts and have gotten raves from all whom I gave them to. Today I am ordering soap as well as some other items and hope I am as satisfied with them as my previous purchases. I hope to visit your concession this summer at one of the fairs you attend - so that I can try, first hand, some of the other fragrances and lotions; I expect to come away with lots of goodies.

Elaine Rowin

I am in love with the pefume oils. I tell every one of your products. The scents are very true.

Lisa Cordero

Just wanted to tell you I started using the Strawberry Vanilla soap I bought from you at Park Ave fest in Roch, NY last month....& I am in LOVE with your soaps. It's amazing! I love how it lathers ups & cleans, and as an added bonus, my bathroom smells SO GOOD when I'm done with my shower. You've just been added to my 'favorites' bar. Thank you!


My daughter, husband and myself were at the wine tasting and apple festival in Altamont last weekend. I was introduced to your soaps and I am completely, 100% hooked on them. We bought 3 bars, and I just can't get enough of them! My skin has never felt so soft and felt so clean! I LOVE them! Just wanted you toknow you have a life-long new customer! Thank you!!!

Gail M. Blanchard

I recently hosted a Scentastics house party. All my guest were pleased with the products they ordered, and I was very pleased with the quick and accurate way the order was filled. Not to mention all the free stuff I got! I love your soaps and oils, I just wish I had more friends, so I could have more parties! Thanks Pam & Ken!

Diane D.

The new lavender salt scrub you sent me in the jar is FABULOUS!!!! Makes my showers more fun, haha. The oil and shea leave a nice soft feeling and I have very dry skin so it will be great for winter, agrees with my skin. HOw much will you be selling this for? I will alternate between the 2 I received so they last longer. You have awesome products and the quality of the products show for themselves. I think I mentioned I can't use just any bath bar or soap. I have to use Dove sensitive until I found the Spa Therapy.


Hi! I recently ordered 60 soaps for favors for a shower. The soaps were absolutely better than I had anticipated. The size was generous, the detail in the hearts design was perfect with no flaws and the soaps were packaged with care and not one was damaged. I couldn't have been more pleased. Thank you for a wonderful job and a terrific product.

Carole Norton

HI! We met you at the Lilac Fest on 5-17. We purchased some soap and the Lilac perfume. The soap is wonderful so far! (black raspberry) it is huge and lathers wonderfully! Love the Lilac perfume, fraction of the cost of "the other one" and the fragrance lasts a long time. Love your products!


I love your oils..They are all wonderful..I only wear your oils now..No need for any other perfume..I get compliments wherever I go..Thank you for your excellent product..They make me happy :) Keep up the good work..Looking forward to new scents that you may be working on..Have a nice week.



Jeff Sombronsky

My mother in law bought me some of your tea tree soap because I have really bad psoriasis. After just one bar of your wonderful product, my psoriasis is almost completely gone! My skin has never felt better! I am throwing away all of my "brand name" soap forever. Thank you for creating such a fantastic product line.

Cynthia Terry

Hello, I just felt the need to send a comment. I first bought your fragrant oils about 8 years ago. The first batch I bought, the fragrance lasted for more than 4 years or so. I had put them away and forgot all about them. When I went to smell them I found they smelt just as good as when I first bought them. Each year you come to my home town of Gloucester, MA and I make sure if there's one thing I get at the festival it's my oils from you. When my friends ask me where I get my perfume I reluctantly mention your company, though I never tell them exactly which fragrances I where. I figure they can buy one that suits them. (smile)
Thank you for making such a good, high quality product at a price I can afford.

Best Regards,
Loretta Peres
Gloucester, MA

Just wanted you to know I love your Frankincense & Myrrh. I had read in a newspaper article that in Bible times they used this as an air purifier and this is what I use in my home. I have not been sick in the last two years since I have been using this. I also use it at work in a diffuser on my heater at work to freshen and clean the air. I love it.

Sandra Cashen

I found your products at an Ulster County crafts fair- and have been searching for you agai for the past year and 1/2. I absolutely love your Stress -Relief lotion stick. It's aromatherapy that REALLY works. It has helped me on long plane flights and through my wedding planning - and even on my wedding day! I am glad I found your website. Thank you , thank you!


Thank you so much for getting right back to me via e-mail along with a phone call. I so appreciate it and now my checkbook will be in order. :)
I really love your products and am so happy I gave a few of them a try when I bought them at the Hartford Expo Center last christmastime. I couldn't wait to see you again to try some other things. I have really sensitive skin and love the feel of my skin after a shower using your soap. I especially love your nightlights AND the reeds. I've bought reeds with oils from another crafter but didn't care for them. I will be purchasing your oils from now on!
Do you have more of the green tea soap at home? I was only able to purchase one and you were kind enough to toss in the sample. I'm giving one of them to my girlfriend in Arizona. I will place an order when I get home from vacation and I'm sure my girlfriend in Arizona will love your soap and oils too and will want to place an order.
I know what I want for Christmas this year!
Thanks again for making such a great product and also for getting right back to me.

Cheryl Syriac

I just received my order today of my reed diffusers and oil. The scents filled the air in my home immediately giving my home a wonderful scent--I am very pleased with your products and look forward to sending more orders your way from myself and my friends. Keep up the good work!!

Angela Heath
Upstate NY

Just received my order for soaps/lotion/bubble bath last nite and want to tell you how pleased I am with it. The entire order was there and packaged very well. I just wish all the soaps I ordered were for me -- instead of gifts, but I know my friends will enjoy your products as much as I have.


I wanted to tell you that i just placed an order, I visited your booth at the New Paultz/Woodstock festival, and I love your scents and soap, they are the best and I've sampled alot of fragrances, I love the patchouli and nag champa, and I love them because they are strong. Thanks for making them. I ordered a bunch with spray bottles, which are so cool, thanks again.

April Schleier

I'm sorry, I forgot your names, but we met at The Flower and Patio Show in Indianapolis IN. My friend Tammy Houshour and I, Mary Clarkson, talked to you at your booth. We each bought several bottles of your essential oils. You both helped us pick out the best scents for us. You also helped me pick out some for my daughters. I don't know if you remember who we are or not, but I just wanted you to know how happy we have all been with our oils. We have enjoyed them tremendously. I have passed along your website address to several people and they have visited a few times. It would be really interesting and enjoyable to see some more pictures of your homeplace. When we talked at the show it sounded like a fantastic place. If it would be possible to put some more photos on the website we would really enjoy it. I checked out your schedule for the year, unfortunately it looks as though you won't be anywhere near us. It was so nice visiting with you both in Indianapolis and I look forward to the day when we might visit again. Best of luck in the year ahead, and keep on making such a wonderful product for us to enjoy.

Mary Clarkson


Phyllis A Moon

I bought some wild marjoram oil at your stand that you had at the Fort Washington Expo Center. The gentleman that sold th oil to me was really polite and I felt comfortable that he knew his oils well. I am very pleased with the oil. My sister was a skeptic about the oils. Her knee bothered her all day and she had spasms in it. I had her put the oil on her knee and in a few minutes it numbed her pain away. My husband said that it helped his shoulders as well. I used the oil this evening when a friend of ours pulled his knee. I gave him Reiki and applied the oil. He was able to walk without pain 30 minutes later. I am currently taking your list around with me telling everyone about your oils. I will place an order with you again. Thank you for the great advise. My next challange is my Mother in Law. She hae lots of muscle problems and is always in pain. I will let you know how she does.


I just want to thank you for your AWESOME products. I use only your soaps and oils and I'm absolutely spoiled now. My favorite gifts to send for holidays or birthdays are your products and my friends and family love them as well. I also want to thank you for such exceptional quality at such a great price and belive me, I have shopped around. I am a customer for life!

Rev. Morrison-Clason

Just wanted to let you know I got one of your night lights and bottle of oil as a gift for Christmas,from my sister (Mary). Purchased it from your craft show at the Empire State Plaza, Albany, NY. I love it very much, and what a great idea for a night light. THANKS.

Kathy P., Troy, NY

My husband and myself purchased 2 night lights and oils from you at the craft fair at the Empire State Plaza in Albany. Wanted to let you know that the folks we gave the night lights to just love them. They were both very happy. Thanks so much and Happy New Year.


Hi I purchased a few purfume oils at the Gloucester waterfront festival.. and I LOVE THEM.. my favorite is Heavenly... and Also I bought the "Amirage" I was soo amazed at how much better it smelled. And it made perfect sense.. as you said .. NO ALCOHOL to mask the natural smell. It's amazing.. YOU have now a forever customer. Thanks to you, and my sister who purchases (12-20) of the honeysuckle at a time.

Brenda Zullo

Thanks for your prompt response. By the way, I love the Scentastics soaps I bought at the Spring Fair in New Paltz. The scents are so true to nature, the quality is outstanding (kind to the skin). Also, they are very long-lasting. So thank you all at Scentastics for creating such wonderful products. I look forward to becoming a regular customer.

Joslyn Pine

I never really understood why people wrote testimonials until I bought one of your Lotion Sticks. I have gotten terrible razor burn my entire life and tried changing the razor, the shaving gel and lotions I used to no avail. I started using the stick after shaving and my legs are smooth and bump-free EVERYTIME - a life changing product, no doubt. Not only will I be coming back for more, I am going to recommend this product to my friends and family. How lucky to have found this product in the beginning of my summer!


I just want you to no that I bought some of you Whipped Shea Souffle at the flower show in Boston. Most of my life I have had the roughest elbows. Your product have made them the smoothest that I can ever recall. Thank you so much.

Eileen Shover

You have the best incense that i ever bought. Can't beat the price! I'm only buying from you. Thank you! P.S. Shipping was fast

Rebecca Stiles

I purchased your incense box and and sticks at the home show in Boston. I love the box in both its functionaliity, quality and good looks. The incense is phenominal; good quality and long lasting. I'm a customer.

Albert Abramson

Thanks so much. I want to tell you how much I love your oils. They just can't be beat. We lived in Florida for 15 years and I found them at an arts and craft show on Siesta Key Florida. I certainly am glad that you have a web site for ordering. Thanks!

George Lane

I couldn't wait to see you again at the Durham Fair this past weekend! I did a little Christmas shopping at your booth...and of course, picked up my favorites for myself as well. I've never tried soaps I enjoy so much and I am looking forward to trying your other products as well. The scent is amazing and it lasts all day. I've enjoyed browsing your website and all the great ideas on other uses for your products. Thank you for the dedication and care you take in producing your incredible line. You can be assured I'll be a regular online shopper and can't wait to see you again next year at the Durham Fair!

All my best, Chris

Thank you for the soaps. They definitely have the most wonderful and lasting fragrances. I used to be hooked on imported European soaps but no longer. Scentastics has given me superb quality at reasonable prices. Thanks again.

Joan Bishop

These are great oils. I purchased some from a sidewalk sale and a few hours after putting it on a woman came over and asked me what kind of perfume I was wearing cause she liked the smell of it.


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order. Everything is wonderful as usual!!! I love your products, and now my daughter uses them. Thanks again!!!

Renee LeClair

Hi, I met with you and tried your product at the Shriner's Auditorium today and when I got home I used the ceramic holder with some drops in it on my lamp and it did everything you said it would. I am so pleased and just ordered more online I just love it! So nice to buy something and actually have it work the way its advertised! Thank you so much.

Kathy Sannizzaro

I thought it worth adding to your testimonials, given the wonderfully warm and humorous way in which you sold me my nine vials and scent ring. First, I agree, your lilac is about the most wonderful scent I have had the pleasure to experience among the natural scents. It was an equally pleasant experience to find the Amerige-type and Gardenia Lily. The scents are not overwhelming but full bodied and I was glad to have found your exhibit at the Durham Fair. Additionally, your good counsel on the use of cotton balls with a capful of scent in a variety of ways was just great! Thank you for your time, your efforts and your lovely products. Is there a schedule of your fairs and area events available? Thank you again, I look forward to knowing just where to go when I have need of an olfactory lift!

Laurie J. Wenchell

We are writing this letter so that people can truely understand how Scentastics can and will change your business. Since we started working with Ken at Scentastics, our business has blossomed three fold. Scentastics carries a complete line of fragrance, perfume, and essential oils along with accessories. They also carry a great selection of incense. All of Scentastics products are the best out there. (Believe us, we've carried some of the others). Along with the incense, Scentastics carries a wide variety of incense holders such as roll top boxes and banana holders. There is no other place like Scentastics!! As a small business, Ken makes it so easy. Just sell a lamp ring with a fragrance oil and have that customer come back and tell you how great it smelled and how their company comes in their home and tells them it smells great. Instant repeat customers. As you can see, Scentastics has made believers out of us -- along with our customers.

Give Ken a call, you won't regret it!!

Bill & Kathy Linnert
Linnert Distributors

I just purchased three oils from the Park Ave Festival in Rochester, NY I LOVE them!!! I really love the Ysatis Type. I've gotten so many compilments. How can I become a distributor? I have many coworkers and friends that would love your products.


I personally want to thank you for your patience with me on the phone and for your wonderful introductory package! I absolutely adore your products and I'm sure that my customers will agree with me! We at Magick Garden are looking forward to doing future business with you and your company.

Lindsay Allen
Magick Garden Antiques

I LOVE your Egyptian Musk incense! I bought 20 at the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY last Saturday, and this Saturday I bought a 100 pack! I will be buying more! I love it!! And thank you so much for the friendly service!


Bought some patchoulli oil and incense at lilac fest in Rochester, NY. Great product - best I've found on the East Coast.


My girls and myself love your oils. They last a long time and they are very inexpensive. That helps when your buying for four people. Thank you.

Sandra Schrader

I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your oils! I bought Egyptian Musk oil, Nag Champa oil (and a soap) at the Lilac Festival this weekend. I'm so impressed I emailed your website to everyone I know! I've bought plenty of oils in the past, but none as high quality and wonderfully priced.


I was in Burlington, VT about a month ago for a "Lions Convention" and went to the crafts show there. I bought some of your soap and also some peach bubble bath. I just wanted to tell you that I just love them both. Thank you.

Barbara Sprague

My name is Eddy Perez. I just wanted to drop a few words to express my impression of the couple that visited Ft. Lauderdale a month ago. I know you met a lot of people and probably won't remember my girlfriend and myself, but we met you both on one of the last nights you were at riverwalk. We had just finished seeing David Copperfield. She had long curly blond hair and myself, well, I have black slicked hair with what some would call a thin mex mustache... Anyhow, that's not important. What is important is the impression you and your wife showed us. Your attitude and character was one to be admired. You both did not pressure anyone but rather welcomed your customers. You took the time to share your experience as a former employee of a fragrance company in France... Started your business in 87 and grew it to what it is now today. You may say it is, as you mentioned to us, the quality of your product. And that may be so... I tend to disagree somewhat. I believe it's your attitude and character that has made you successful... It's this true dedication to your customers in being real down to earth individuals drives you both to creating a valued product that is better than the rest and a sincere approach to you customers. I did try the incense and I must say you were mistaken on it lasting 50 to 70 minutes. Mine lasted longer... You both took the time to share yourself with us and I felt compelled to do the same, and let you both know what a wonderful experience my girlfriend and I had speaking to you both... Don't change your approach. It's wonderful to see people such as yourselves, doing what you enjoy, providing a great product (better than others because of the pride you have) and still taking the time to share... Thanks again for being real... Eddy. Oh, and that coffee grind trick was very impressive... You see, it's things like that that seperate you from the rest... You take the time to share your knowledge with others. This is why I have placed an order with you and I look forward to continue. I just wish I had the time and desire to become one of your distributors. It would be a pleasure to work with individuals such as yourself.

God bless, Eddy.

EXCELLENT STUFFFF! I got about 10 bottles of fragrance oils for myself and my daughters, and I need many more! They loved them!

Pauline Jillett

i bought 3 of your wonderful oils today @ larkfest in albany. i will be making a order for more very soon. it was very nice talking with you!


I have bought your products at a fair in CT and I love them! I especially love the Balance. It really does what it says. Which one is the best on for energy as well? Thanx a lot!


Your Perfume Oils for Women are Fantastic! I love them and have been telling all my friends about them. They last all day long, smell wonderful, and are fun to wear. Every time I wear one of them, I always get complimented and ask what I am wearing. Thank you so much for being there. I have stopped buying regular perfume and will only wear your oils now. I believe I have purchased about 20 different kinds. Happy holidays to you and all your staff.

Robin D'Agostino
Westbrook, Maine

I've been burning incense daily for many years but didn't know of you product until a friend just gave me some sticks as a gift. The first thing I noticed was the amazing vibrant colors and the aroma flowing through the unopened packages. I was very impressed by this and lit one immediately when I got home. I sat on the floor unnwrapping gifts and lost track of time. I looked up at the burning stick and then at the clock and found it hard to believe that nearly an hour had passed. The one stick was still burning and making the room smell wonderful! Even after a second hour passed and the stick had burnt out I could still smell the sweet aroma it left behind. I'm very impressed with your product and will recommend them to all my friends. Most of my friends are New Age and will love to have some. I also intend to use them during my meditations and future Reiki treatments as often as possible. Thanks for putting such great quality into your sticks. I can't wait try your other products!

Lori Nash

Just a note to let you know my oils arrived yesterday as promised. I can not tell you how pleased I am with them. You are right when you say they are stronger than most. Thanks again for taking the time and effort to straighten my billing via phone. You will definitely be hearing from me soon with another order.

Priscilla Valder

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