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Fragrance Oils
Please keep in mind that our oils are 3 to 4 times stronger than any other oil available in the industry. We do NOT dilute or use any cheap fillers. They are the highest quality grade. We are continuously adding and developing new fragrances and blends to our line so please feel free to visit our website often for the updates.

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Ceramic Lamp Ring Diffuser (Individual)
Sticks and stones to scent your home? Tacky!! The ceramic lamp ring diffuser DISCREETLY scents any LARGE room or area by hiding under your lamp shade! Your guests will never know just how your house smells so great!

Made of ceramic, the lampring diffuser is safe. It does not get hot like the red clay, metal or brass rings. It also does not use as much oil as the other rings. If you drop the ceramic ring, oil does not spill everywhere--it is absorbed into the ring for a gentle release of the scent. Another great feature is that you can use different scents each time you use your ring!

Simply pour a small amount of Scentastics' oils on the ceramic lamp ring, place on top of your lightbulb (if lightbulb hangs down, remove lightbulb, place lamp ring on and screw back in socket), turn on light (75 watts or lower) and the diffusing starts to take place. In approx. 20 minutes, your house will take on the fragrance scent that you put on the lampring.

The lampring is excellent for musty basements! One lampring will take care of an entire basement!

Company on it's way over and your house just doesn't have an appealing smell? Drop some oil on the lampring, and by the time they get there, the house will be smelling great!

Have a guest who is allergic to your dog or cat? Put some of Scentastics' Breath essential oil on and eliminate the allergins in the air. Sick child? Put some Eucalyptus essential oil on the lampring and disinfect their room and the house. Stop spreading the germs to family members.

Product Code: zclrd01

Price: $ 2.00 / Each
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Ceramic Lamp Ring Diffuser (3 pack)

Product Code: zclrd03

Price: $ 5.00 / Each
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Plastic Pipettes (Individual)
Plastic Pippetttes are good to have on hand with your oils.

They are handy in that you suction out a little oil out of the bottle and then just use what you want and put the rest back in your oil bottle.

Product Code: zged01

Price: $ 0.50 / Each
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