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For over the past decade, Scentastics has designed, formulated and blended the highest-quality, fully-concentrated fragrance oils available anywhere in the United States. We do not cut our oils or add any base oils. Our essential oils are 100% pure and are imported from all around the world (no middle man). Our blended perfume and cologne oils are 3x longer lasting than the alcohol-based versions, smell more refined and are much more convenient to travel with and have with you at all times.

From our first class line of oils we have expanded our business into a fully-developed Bath and Body line. Our vegan-friendly, detergent-free, hypoallergenic, Shea Butter and Goat's Milk Soaps are a hefty 8 oz bar! They are made the old-fashioned way of hot processing. This method is safer than cold process soap in that all ingredients can be mixed and saponified much better and without the risk of burning or irritating the skin. We also use "harder" vegetable oils so that the bars will last a good long time and not get soft or mushy or fall apart.

Our soap is extremely moisturizing and the scent will stay to the very last sliver. We keep a nice "In-Stock" variety or we can custom-make any scented soap you would like from our over 500+ fragrances. In fact, we have many bath items in which you can choose in any scent you desire (Bubble Bath, Bath and Shower Gel, Olive Oil Liquid Soap (sulfate and detergent-free), Shea and Cocoa Butter Lotion, Bath Salts, Foaming Olive Oil Liquid Soap (sulfate and detergent-free), and Shampoo.

Our home-fragrance products include: 100% Soy Candles w/cotton wicks, Scented Sprays, Lamp Rings, Scented Nightlights, Oil Lamp Diffusers, Reed Sets and Car Fresheners.

Come and experience what a fragrance product line of this caliber can do for you and your friends! We pride ourselves on quality, service and commitment.

Our high-quality fragrances and all-natural home and body products are created and developed from our
farm located here in the clear, crisp green mountains
of Vermont.

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